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How A Fitness Professional Living With A Brain Tumour Is Uniting Our Community

My Brain Tumour Didn’t Stop Me!

From being diagnosed with a brain tumour to becoming ‘Head of Barre’ at Psycle London Rod Buchanan is a truly remarkable person. In 2010 professionally trained dancer, Rod Buchanan was devastated by the news of being diagnosed with a meningioma;…

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Fat, Weight Loss

When We Lose Weight, Where Does It Go?

Do you know? We didn't think so... Weight loss is one of those things you hear about everywhere; magazines, TV, conversations in hairdressers and cafes. But for so many people talking about it, how many of them actually understand where…

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Obesity Paradox, Weight, Heart Disease

The Obesity Paradox Has Been Challenged

Just like a good Mythbusters episode, researchers have gone and blown the ‘obesity paradox’ theory out of the water. While some schools of thought believed that being overweight didn’t necessarily mean you were at higher risk of heart disease, a…

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Lower Blood Pressure

The Sure Way To Lower Blood Pressure

Hey you, why don't you climb stairs to lower blood pressure and strengthen leg muscles.... Yes it might seem like a no-brainer, but climbing stairs is good for you! And it may have even more benefits for postmenopausal women who…

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