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Self-charging Shoes, Chemical-releasing Clothing – So What’s Next?

Self-charging shoes, chemical-releasing clothing – so what’s next?

We can see the future. No really, we can.

When it comes to future of the fitness industry anyway.

It’s going to keep growing and so will the need for the latest and greatest fitness equipment so you can flex your muscles in super smart style. But what’s going to be the next big thing to make your workout more effective and enjoyable? Here are some pending patents we’ve got our futuristic eyes on:

Adidas: Self-charging smart shoes

Forget your smart watch, your gym shoes will soon be able to fulfil the same function, measuring your performance such as steps, distance travelled, pace and speed. The downside of the ‘smart shoe’ however is in being able to recharge the battery required to measure the data. Solution? Harvest the energy created by wearing the shoes (for example the impact of feet hitting the floor) which can also be converted to stored energy for future use.

Under Armour: Chemical-release clothing

Clothing designed to deliver chemicals to the skin for absorption? This is not the work of science fiction! One possible use could include magnesium, a metal believed to contribute to the relaxation and contraction of muscles, soothing soreness and reducing inflammation. In the future, a ‘delivery’ layer coated with strands of the alloy will be woven into the fabric to optimise performance. Two birds, one shirt.

Fitbit: arterial analysis

Fitbit is working on a device that non-invasively measures arterial stiffness using pulse wave analysis. Arterial stiffness is associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, the two leading causes of death in the developed world. Usually it’s something only a doctor could check, but this fitness band would measure during resistance training, aerobic exercise, endurance training as well as sitting, working, and sleeping.

Bioventures: Anti-Aging Muscle-Boosting Supplement

We already know exercise if a great anti-aging solution, but as we get older our exercise routine (particularly resistance training), tends to drop off resulting in loss of muscle strength. Bioventures is developing a super supplement that re-invigorates muscle growth in older individuals even in the absence of exercising. Love it.

Apple: Super-Smart Watches

Apple is looking to make its smart watch even smarter!  Last year it filed a patent detailing the use of light rays and pressure sensors to track blood pressure and look for heart-rate abnormalities. Your watch could one day save your life.


WORDS: Karina Eastway

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