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Biofield Tuning – What Is It?

Biofield Tuning – What is it?

We know what you’re thinking… What the hell is biofield tuning?

In scientific terms, a biofield is an electromagnetic field or aura emitted around humans – yes, we are electrical and magnetic as well as chemical and organic beings.

Health practitioner Jessica Luibrand says this electromagnetic energy is stored as fields around our body, which also contain our memories set out in chronological order… similar to the rings around a tree.

Trauma or emotional upheaval in our lives will result in incoherence and distortion in this electromagnetic field that can result in our energy getting stuck and an unhealthy body.

Jessica says that by gently combing through an aura, she can re-regulate this energy and move any stuck energy back into alignment over the chakras of the body. When energy is rebalanced and recirculated, the body returns to its natural state, balanced within itself and with the world around it.

Article by Karina Eastway.

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